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Free course

An introduction to death, dying and grief

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An introduction to death, dying and grief
Explore interesting and challenging ideas around death, dying and grief. This free course, An introduction to death, dying and grief, invites you to think more deeply about death and dying and encourages you to think about it in different ways. This course will introduce you to different perspectives on death; ethical issues related to dying and end-of-life care; as well as expressions of grief. Please note that this course includes video about people talking personally about their experiences in relation to death and dying. If you have been affected by the issues in these videos, there are resources included in the course for further information and support.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand that individuals and societies make sense of death in different ways
  • understand that there is diversity in our beliefs about death and dying
  • understand some key ethical dilemmas in dying and assisted dying decisions
  • understand some of the diverse expressions of grief.

First Published: 08/05/2018

Updated: 19/10/2018

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