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Dying Matters Awareness Week

Updated Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Learn more about death and dying during this year's Dying Matters Awareness Week: 8th-14th May with our FREE courses, videos and interactives.

We only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why it’s vital to talk, plan and make arrangements for the end of life – before it’s too late. Did you know death, dying and bereavement has been a major research and teaching theme at the OU for over twenty years? Find out more on our research page.

During this year's Dying Matters Awareness Week  (8th-14th May 2022), we have curated a collection of free learning content from OpenLearn to open up the subject that many people still find difficult to talk about. This year, we're continuing our reources on being #InAGoodPlace when you die.

Take a look at the FREE resources below...



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