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Free course

Introducing environmental decision making

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Introducing environmental decision making

Many of the decisions we make have implications for our environment, particularly those concerning natural resources and waste. Taking account of environmental factors in decision making can be both complex and challenging. This free course, Introducing environmental decision making, considers decisions in their broader contexts and advocates a systems approach to environmental decision making.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • recognise and explain some different approaches to decision making
  • recognise and explain some major factors that influence decision making
  • recognise and explain what is understood by environmental decision making and several key concepts that are relevant to it
  • recognise and explain how to identify some environmental issues that are of interest or concern and explain why
  • recognise and explain what the authors of the course mean by a system, its boundary and environment.

First Published: 19/10/2012

Updated: 12/01/2017

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