Communicable Diseases Module: 17. Tuberculosis Infection Control

Study Session 17  Tuberculosis Infection Control


TB infection control is a combination of measures aimed at minimising the risk of TB transmission within a population. The foundation of TB infection control is early and rapid diagnosis, and proper management of TB patients.

In this study session you will learn about TB infection control and the methods you can use to control TB infection at the health facility, in your community and at home. You will learn that when you use more than one method at a time, you will get better results than when you use only one method. Your knowledge of the methods will enable you to provide proper advice to the community members you are hoping to help, in order to control TB infection at home, in the community and health facility. The different approaches you will learn about need to be promoted as a package because their adoption in that way reduces transmission of TB in healthcare facilities.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 17