Communicable Diseases Module: 13. Introduction, Transmission and Tuberculosis Case Finding

Study Session 13  Introduction, Transmission and Tuberculosis Case Finding


Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the major common diseases in Ethiopia and you are very likely to have come across this disease in your daily work as a health worker. In this study session, you will learn about the cause of TB, how important it is as a public health problem in the world, in Africa and in Ethiopia. You will also come to understand how TB is transmitted (spread) in the community. This study session will also help you to understand the approach adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to tackle the problem of TB worldwide.

You will become aware of what you and other health workers can do, in line with the global plan, to reduce and eliminate the problem of TB in your community. You will also learn how to identify a suspected case of TB and how to confirm your suspicions by reaching a diagnosis. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of TB patients is essential if you are to help reduce the sufferings of patients and stop the spread of TB in your community.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 13