Communicable Diseases Module: 15. Follow-up of Patients on Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment and Defaulter Tracing

Study Session 15  Follow-up of Patients on Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment and Defaulter Tracing


In this study session you will learn about the follow-up of patients put on anti-tuberculosis drugs during the intensive and continuation phases of treatment. You will also read about what to do when people with TB default (i.e. stop their medication in the course of treatment) and how to trace them. TB treatment is a long process and it is critical to maintain contact with patients throughout treatment to ensure successful outcomes. However, sometimes circumstances interfere with maintaining contact, so that these patients stop their medication or take their drugs irregularly, often resulting in development of drug resistance by the TB bacteria in the patient’s body. This study session will describe how to maintain contact with patients, even in difficult circumstances, and thus improve the chances that they will complete treatment and be cured of their illness.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 15