Communicable Diseases Module: 4. Viral Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Study Session 4  Viral Vaccine-Preventable Diseases


In Study Session 3 we gave an overview of vaccine-preventable diseases, and then focused on two of the main diseases in this category that are caused by bacteria. In this study session, you will learn about the major vaccine-preventable diseases that are caused by viruses, how they are transmitted, and how they can be prevented and controlled. Knowing the signs and symptoms of these viral diseases will help you to identify them in your community, so that you can refer infected people quickly for treatment at a nearby health centre. Greater understanding of viral vaccine-preventable diseases will also enable you to explain to parents why they should have their children vaccinated to prevent them from susceptibility to these viruses. How to give vaccines to children is described in the Immunization Module.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 4