Communicable Diseases Module: 19. Leprosy Treatment

Study Session 19  Leprosy Treatment


As you learned in Study Session 18, early detection combined with prompt treatment is an effective way to prevent the spread of leprosy in the community. In this study session, you will learn how to treat a leprosy patient, monitor treatment progress, what you need to do if a patient interrupts treatment and what kind of advice you can give to a patient or a family member while a patient is on treatment.

Multidrug therapy (MDT) kills the bacteria responsible for leprosy and stops the spread of the disease. Leprosy patients can lead completely normal lives and if the disease is detected early and treated with MDT, leprosy need not lead to disabilities. In this study session you will learn about how to detect and manage leprosy complications to alleviate the sufferings of your patients.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 19