Communicable Diseases Module: 12. Monitoring and Control of Malaria Epidemics

Study Session 12  Monitoring and Control of Malaria Epidemics


Disease surveillance and epidemic monitoring and control are discussed in detail in Study Sessions 40‒42 of Communicable Diseases, Part 4.

Early detection and a prompt response to malaria epidemics is essential to minimise the impact of the illness (including deaths) and the socio-economic burden following malaria epidemics. In this study session you will learn how a malaria epidemic is defined in general and how it can be recognised in your village. You will also learn about factors that can trigger epidemics, about the supplies and drugs you need to be prepared for epidemics, and the different ways to contain epidemics. All this information will enable you to detect malaria epidemics early and to implement interventions to contain them fast.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 12