18.6.4  ‘Foot up’ test of peroneal nerve function

The movement of the foot is due to muscles activated by the peroneal nerve and the test for muscle power in this case is shown in Figure 18.12. You apply pressure to the top of the raised foot by trying to push it down. Can the person still lift up the foot against your pressure? A second test of this type is shown at the bottom of Figure 18.12.

Figure 18.12  The ‘foot up’ test. (Source: Watson, 1994, as for Figure 18.7.)

It is useful to have ended the main part of this study session by describing these different tests of voluntary muscles. Along with palpation, these are very useful clinical tests for detecting the type of nerve damage typical of leprosy and therefore it is important that you know about them.

18.6.3  ‘Wrist back’ test of radial nerve function

Summary of Study Session 18