Learning Outcomes for Study Session 19

When you have studied this session, you should be able to:

19.1  Define and use correctly all of the key words printed in bold. (SAQs 19.1, 19.6 and 19.8)

19.2  Explain how you would classify leprosy patients for the purpose of treatment. (SAQ 19.2)

19.3  Explain key features of leprosy treatment and management. (SAQ 19.3)

19.4  Explain how you would identify and manage patients who interrupt or default from leprosy treatment. (SAQ 19.4)

19.5  Describe how you would inform leprosy patients and supporters about their treatment in an effective way. (SAQ 19.5)

19.6  Describe how you would discharge leprosy patients after completion of treatment. (SAQ 19.6)

19.7  Describe the main complications of leprosy and what actions you would take. (SAQ 19.7)

Study Session 19  Leprosy Treatment

19.1  Classification of leprosy