19.2.1  MDT drug regimens

The drugs used in MDT leprosy treatment are rifampicin (R), dapsone (D) and clofazimine (C). There are two MDT regimens: PB-MDT for paucibacillary patients and MB-MDT for multibacillary patients, in dosages for adults and for children in blister packs; see Figure 19.1(a) to (d). Each blister pack contains treatment for four weeks.

Regimen is the term used to describe the drug dosages, the number of times the drugs are taken in any given period (e.g. per day), and the duration of treatment in days, weeks, months or years.

Figure 19.1  MDT regimens in blister packs, (a) paucibacillary treatment for adults, and (b) multibacillary treatment for adults; (c) paucibacillary treatment for children, and (d) multibacillary treatment for children. (Source: Guide to Eliminate Leprosy as a Public Health Problem, WHO, 2000, accessed from http://www.who.int/lep/resources/Guide_Int_E.pdf)

19.2  Multidrug therapy (MDT) for the treatment of leprosy

19.2.2  How to administer MDT for leprosy