29.9  PLHIV should seek regular medical care

PLHIV should be given information about when and how to seek medical care. These situations may include their regular scheduled visits at the health centre or hospital, or new appointments at your health post or at the clinic when they feel ill.

Attending regular scheduled visits at the health centre or hospital helps PLHIV to monitor their health status. For example, all patients on ART will be assigned a clinic appointment schedule. This schedule will include regular follow-ups and medication refills at the health centre and hospital, regardless of whether the patient feels healthy or not. Patients should be encouraged to strictly adhere to all appointments at the health centre and hospital. A way you can help them is by reminding them when their next appointment is scheduled.

Patients should attend a clinic promptly and regularly during episodes of ill health. Early treatment of infections can prevent further illnesses and slow down progression to AIDS. During your regular visits or appointments, you should ask PLHIV to describe any new symptoms they may have experienced since your last visit, and encourage them to get prompt treatment for any health problems that cannot be managed at home or at your health post. If this is the case, refer them to the health centre without delay.

29.8  PLHIV should get regular exercise and rest

Summary of Study Session 29