Section 2: Planning physical growth and development sessions

Key Focus Question: How can you plan lessons to develop self-esteem?

Keywords: lesson preparation; games; problem solving; whole-school activities; planning; self-esteem

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • planned lessons that are focused on clear learning outcomes to investigate growth and development;
  • explored ways to include games and exercises into your lessons;
  • used problem solving in whole-school activities.


This section focuses on your planning and preparation of lessons. It is important to do this well if your pupils are to achieve what you want them to achieve.

One of your roles is to help your pupils understand the concepts of physical growth and development. These include both the physical changes that will take place as they get older, and also the different things they need to think about and do in order to stay healthy.

As you plan practical activities about physical growth and development, you need to use pupils’ existing knowledge as a base from which to plan and extend their understanding. This section suggests different ways to work in and outside the classroom, which you could also plan to use elsewhere in your teaching.

1. Focus on planning