Section 2 : Ways to investigate gender issues

Key Focus Question: How can you use interactive strategies to discuss gender issues?

Keywords: gender; role play; stereotyping; single-sex groups; questionnaire; local experts

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • explored attitudes to gender through single-sex group work;
  • used reverse role play to highlight gender stereotyping;
  • used local experts and drama presentations to share ideas on gender issues.


There are certain behaviours in society that are often seen to be appropriate for either boys or girls, not for everyone. Some of these behaviours may negatively affect girls’ and boys’ self-esteem and aspirations, and not serve them well when it comes to learning in the classroom. Researchers note that girls are often shy of speaking up in class and sometimes fail to give answers even when they know them.

The activities in this section will help you to explore gender stereotyping with your class and to see gender roles, both male and female, in more positive ways.

Resource 1: Gender issues provides background to some of the issues about gender.

Resource 3: Excerpt from the constitution of Uganda, showing those who qualify to be a Ugandan citizen

1. Using group work to explore gender differences