Resource 4: Games

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Find the difference

Equipment: Pairs of pictures with different, but similar, objects. Each picture should be folded so that it can’t be seen by the other player.

Instructions: Without showing their pictures to each other, or using gestures, players describe their pictures and ask each other questions until they identify a given number of differences between them (e.g. three). When they have done this, they reveal their pictures to each other.

Draw it

Equipment: Simple pictures mounted inside a piece of folded card. (The pictures should not be visible to the other player.) Paper and pencil.

Instructions: Without showing his/her picture to the other player, or using gestures, one player describes his/her picture while the other player tries to draw it. When the drawing is finished, the player with the picture shows it to the other one.

Resource 3: Pictures for cards