Section 5: Wise use and reuse of materials

Key Focus Question: How can you develop responsible attitudes to material use and reuse?

Keywords: renewable; recycling; compost; projects; evaluating; values

Learning outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used different ways to develop responsible attitudes towards the use of material resources
  • organised practical projects to reuse materials
  • worked with your pupils to develop criteria to evaluate different products and processes.


Teachers need to be aware of the importance of knowledge, skills and attitudes with regard to learning. Giving pupils the facts (knowledge) is the most straightforward, skills take more time and practice, but the most uncertain aspect is influencing values and attitudes. Think of a game of soccer. The whole crowd knows the facts (the basic rules of the game). A handful of players have the skill really well. But fairness, honesty, and dignity in defeat are all-important attitudes that are not always easy to come by.

This section introduces you to ways of developing responsible attitudes in your pupils towards the use and reuse of material resources.

1. Raising awareness of resources