Introduction to Ethiopia’s One WASH National Programme

This Module describes how the One Wash National Programme (OWNP) sets out the Government of Ethiopia’s plan to radically improve the provision of safe water and sanitation throughout the country and bring significant benefits to millions of Ethiopian people. It covers the Programme’s background, scope, purpose and procedures, and is designed to inform anyone working in the WASH sector or related fields of the significance and future impact of the OWNP.

The Module begins with an introduction to water, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia, and explains why it is so important for human health and economic prosperity. It describes how the innovative and collaborative ‘One Plan, One Budget, One Report’ approach of the OWNP can bring real change across the country. The Module covers details of the key aspects of the OWNP, including its components, partnerships and financial arrangements, as well as providing contextual background information. The Module also focuses on implementation of the OWNP and how it will be operationalised at all levels.

Learning Outcomes for this Module