Study Session 5  The Pillars of the OWNP


The principles that you read about in Study Session 4 provide overall guidance about the approach to be taken in the OWNP. The Programme is further supported by three fundamental strategic pillars that underpin its contents and implementation. These pillars are sometimes referred to as overarching domains, a term which implies a broad general topic or relevant area, but the term pillar gives a more appropriate idea of the foundation and support upon which the structure of the OWNP is built.

In this study session you will learn what these pillars are and what they mean. As part of the description, we will discuss what is meant by an enabling environment and good governance, and how to create these conditions in the WASH sector. In addition, you will learn how demand for better WASH services should be created and about capacity development for WASH. The study session will therefore help you to understand how the pillars are practically applied in the OWNP implementation cycle, both individually and in a concerted manner, and how they contribute to the success of the programme.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 5