Study Session 4 Guiding Principles of the OWNP


In the first three study sessions of the Module you have learned about the background to the One WASH National Programme (OWNP) and how and why it came into existence. We now move on to the OWNP itself. In this and the following sessions we will look at the most important features of the document, starting with its Guiding Principles.

In this study session you will be introduced to the four core principles of the OWNP that guide its implementation. You will learn what the principles mean and why they are important. These Guiding Principles are applied individually as well as in a concerted manner towards the success of the programme.

In addition to the four core or Guiding Principles, you will also be introduced to the Basic Implementation Principles that are listed and defined in the OWNP Programme Operational Manual.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 4