Study Session 9  Stakeholders of the OWNP


You have already come across many stakeholders in the OWNP in previous study sessions, from the national government at the top through to consumer groups and individual users. A stakeholder was defined earlier as any individual, group or organisation that has an interest in something. In this instance we are talking about the stakeholders with an interest in the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia in general, and in the OWNP in particular.

WASH activities associated with the OWNP are mainly the responsibility of different governmental and non-governmental organisations. In this study session you will identify the different types of organisation involved, such as civil society organisations, private sector companies and community groups. These are the main stakeholders or partners who will implement the OWNP. You will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of these different stakeholders in achieving the OWNP’s goals for the country.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 9