Study Session 12  Financial Management of the OWNP


From previous study sessions you should now have a good understanding of the OWNP’s components and approaches towards its implementation. However, one critical aspect of implementation that we have not yet considered is finance. A sound financial management system is an essential element of any programme, especially one of the scale and complexity of the OWNP.

You will remember from Study Session 4 that one of the guiding principles for implementing the OWNP is alignment. Alignment in this context means the coalition of all implementation processes (planning, budgeting, procurement, monitoring, evaluation etc.) with the government of Ethiopia's policies, strategies, manuals and guidelines. Financial management of the OWNP is aligned with the government’s existing rules, policies and guidelines for sound financial management. In this study session you will learn how the financial arrangements of the OWNP are aligned with the government’s system.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 12