Study Session 13  Key Aspects of Programme Management in the OWNP


By this stage in your study of the Module, you should be well aware of the complexities of the OWNP. You have already learned about many aspects of programme management, for example the management structure (in Study Session 7) and the financial management approach (Study Session 12). In this study session we have selected some particularly important aspects of programme management for closer examination.

Following on from Study Session 12 and its discussion of financial management, we start with an explanation of the role and processes of procurement in the delivery of the OWNP. However, the main focus for this study session is monitoring and evaluation (M&E). These two closely related processes are critical aspects of all projects and programmes. You will learn about the principles behind M&E and how these are planned and applied in the OWNP. We describe the role of the National WASH Inventory in M&E and explain how this links to the WASH Management Information System. The final section explains how the OWNP’s overall targets for WASH improvement are detailed in the results framework and how progress towards achieving the targets is measured.

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 13