Summary of Study Session 11

In Study Session 11, you have learned that:

  1. Learning and sharing of knowledge and experience are essential for the successful outcome of programmes in general and OWNP in particular. It is important to reflect on, evaluate and learn from effective activities.
  2. Knowledge management in WASH requires information from many stakeholders to be gathered, organised and disseminated in order to avoid fragmentation and encourage collaboration. It is one of the objectives of the Water Sector Working Group Secretariat.
  3. Learning and sharing requires reliable, thorough and accessible documentation of WASH services and innovations. Good documentation should capture the principles, processes and implications of activities.
  4. Forums and events are effective ways of sharing between stakeholders. The main WASH forums in Ethiopia are the Multi-Stakeholder Forum with the Joint Technical Reviews, and the Forum for Learning on Water and Sanitation.
  5. Festivals and other events are also valuable ways of learning and sharing that allow the wider population to engage with the activity.
  6. One ultimate aim of learning and sharing is to ensure effective scaling up of activities. If evidence shows that a particular method, process or activity is successful on a small scale, this can be shared and extended to reach more service-users in new locations.

11.4 Scaling up best practice in the WASH sector

Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 11