13.2.3 Who manages WASH M&E?

The WASH M&E system is managed by the coordination offices at national and regional levels and by WASH teams at woreda and kebele levels. Figure 13.4 shows the lines of communication. The two-directional arrows between the boxes indicate the links from woreda to national level are both upward in reporting to the higher levels and downwards as evaluation of the programme is incorporated in implementation.

Figure 13.4  Flow of WASH M&E information. (WIF, 2011)

WASH progress reports include information about physical activity and financial status and information about progress towards meeting planned targets and providing value for money. There are also regular review meetings at the various levels to consider the progress reports. These range from kebele WASH team meetings with all local WASH stakeholders to national level forums.

  • What are the two main WASH review meetings at national level?

  • The Multi-Stakeholder Forum and Joint Technical Reviews. (You read about these in Study Session 11.)

13.2.2 Why is M&E so essential?

13.2.4 What is monitored in WASH?