14.6 Overall costs and benefits of the OWNP

You read earlier that the total cost of the OWNP was estimated to be US$2.41 billion over the two phases of the Programme. The distribution of this total across the components is shown in Figure 14.5.

Figure 14.5  Proportion of the financial requirement by main component. (OWNP, 2013)

This massive investment will bring great benefits. Many millions of people will benefit from the programme and will have access to water and sanitation for the first time. A total of 26.6 million people in rural areas and 4.4 million people in urban areas are expected to benefit from OWNP water supply interventions alone. These changes will transform lives, especially for women and girls, and will be celebrated throughout the country (Figure 14.6).

Figure 14.6 The OWNP will bring smiles to many faces.

14.5 Planning framework

Summary of Study Session 14