9.5  Other malaria prevention options

Malaria can also be prevented through protective measures in instances where conditions do not permit environmental control options, or the control measures are not enough to provide adequate protection. For example, use of mosquito repellents on the skin and clothes could have additional benefits and so could insecticide treated tents, blankets and fly-sheets. Selection of camping or residential sites could be important to avoid proximity to mosquito breeding grounds. Smoke from an open fire repels insects, especially in still air or poorly ventilated dwellings. The repellent effect of smoke may be increased by burning certain materials such as aromatic wood containing resins. Communities should be encouraged to use traditional and modern repellents for personal protection where it is applicable.

Similarly, due to the rapid expansion of commercial farming in the country and the location of these farms in high malaria risk areas, investors need to be advised on the importance of malaria prevention methods, including environmental management, site selection of residential areas/camps for their workers, mosquito repellents and other protection measures.

9.4  Community participation and organisation of larval control measures

Summary of Study Session 9