10.11.2  What you need to do to support IRS

It is your responsibility as the local member of the Health Extension Service, to carry out the following duties during an IRS operation:

  • Inspect all spray pumps daily to make sure they are in perfect working condition.
  • Ensure spray operators have enough insecticide sachets for the job, and are carrying all the necessary spraying equipment.
  • Carry enough spraying record forms (Table 10.2) for the number of households to be sprayed each day.
  • Supervise the work of each of the spray operators to ensure the correct procedures are being followed.
  • After spraying is finished, inspect the house for the quality of spraying and complete the spraying record form (Table 10.2) for all households sprayed or unsprayed
  • Complete the village spraying report using the form indicated in Table 10.3.
  • Make every effort not to leave any houses unsprayed. Householders who refuse to have their houses sprayed have to be convinced by means of proper health education during the operation. Locked houses left unsprayed during the initial visit have to be revisited before the end of the day’s work or the next day.
Table 10.2  Household spraying record.
Region _________ Zone _________District _________Village _________Spray Period _________
Household No.Name of head of household or familyNo. of people in the familySprayed housing unitsNot sprayed housing unitsSpray operator numberRemark
Table 10.3  Village spraying report by a Health Extension Practitioner
Region _________ Zone _________District _________Village _________Spray Period _________
Name of sub-villageHouseholdsHousing unitsPopulation protected No. of insecticide sachets usedRemark
TotalSprayedNot sprayedTotalSprayedNot sprayedNo. of people in sprayed housing unitsNo. of people in unsprayed housing units

10.11.1  Correct IRS procedures

10.12  The role of the health post, health centre and District Health Office in IRS operations