10.5.2  Commonly used insecticides

Residual insecticides for IRS are generally in the form of powders or liquids. Water-dispersible powder consists of a powdered insecticide mixed with a substance that allows the insecticide to dissolve in water. For indoor spraying purposes, the water-dispersible powder is the most effective form. Any of the insecticides shown in Table 10.1 can be used for IRS in Ethiopia for the coming several years. Most insecticides come in pre-weighed sachets; one sachet is to be used per one spray pump of eight litre capacity.

Table 10.1  Insecticides used for IRS in Ethiopia.
Name of insecticideChemical typeDosage (in grams per square metre)
MalathionOrganophosphorus2 g/m2
FenitrothionOrganophosphorus1 or 2 g/m2
PropoxurCarbamets1 or 2 g/m2
BendiocarbCarbamets0.2–0.4 g/m2
DeltamethrinSynthetic pyrethroids0.025–0.05 g/m2
PermethrinSynthetic pyrethroids0.5 g/m2
LambdacyhalothrinSynthetic pyrethroids0.025–0.05 g/m2
CypermethrinSynthetic pyrethroids0.5 g/m2

10.5  Insecticides for IRS

10.6  Determining insecticide requirements