10.7  Housing units and structures to be sprayed with insecticide

You need to know which areas and items in a household to spray during IRS.

All potential resting places for mosquitoes need to be sprayed. Resting places are all walls and ceilings in the house, window frames, and both sides of doors, furniture (beds, tables and chairs), animal shelters, latrines, stores and outhouses.

  • Why are the outer walls and roofs not sprayed?

  • These surfaces are not generally used by mosquitoes for resting.

To ensure that IRS provides good protection against malaria vectors, you should aim to spray 100% of the housing units and other structures in your village.

Less than 85% coverage with IRS is not sufficient to provide adequate protection to your community, so it would be a waste of time and resources.

10.6  Determining insecticide requirements

10.8  Training of spray operators