11.3.2  Circular nets

Circular, or conical, nets are sometimes preferred because they can be hung from a single support (Figure 11.3a). The nets are mostly available in double size. Compared with the rectangular net, more care has to be taken to avoid contact between the body and the net, which would allow mosquitoes to feed. Circular nets could be better suited to circular houses with limited space, which are very common in Ethiopia (Figure 11.3b).

(a) A circular bed net. (b) Traditional Ethiopian ‘tukul’ round houses.
Figure 11.3  (a) A circular bed net. (WHO, 1997; source as in Figure 9.2); (b) Traditional Ethiopian ‘tukul’ round houses. (Photo: Basiro Davey)

11.3.1  Rectangular nets

11.4  Deciding the number of ITNs per household