14.3.5  Treatment of TB patients under Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS)

WHO recommends that directly observed treatment continue through the continuation phase if the regimen includes rifampicin.

As you appreciate from Study Session 13, DOTS is essential during the intensive phase of treatment (the first two to three months); it will also be needed during the continuation phase for patients with previous treatment failure who are being re-treated. Directly observed treatment ensures that the drugs are taken in the right combinations and on schedule, and that the patient continues treatment until all the doses have been taken. The health facility is the recommended place for treatment because of the ease of supervision. However, some patients live far away or do not find it convenient to come to a health facility, in which case you need to directly observe treatment at a place and time more convenient for them.

Figure 14.3  Patient under DOTS therapy. (Photo: Lung Health Image Library, World Lung Foundation)

14.3.4  Anti-TB drug treatment in special situations

14.4  Side-effects of anti-TB drugs and their management