Why is being organised essential for online learning?


organise iconIn this section you will learn about techniques that will help you plan and manage your time effectively so that you can balance your work/life/study time and become an efficient online learner.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels (Pexels License)

As an online learner you have a lot of freedom to study whenever, wherever and however suits you. This opportunity comes with potential challenges such as scheduling study around your already busy life, and ensuring that you stay motivated throughout your course when you don’t have regular face-to-face contact with other students and your tutors.

In this topic you will be introduced to tips and techniques which will help you at each of the following stages:

  1. Getting prepared – what to think about before you start your course and plan a realistic timetable to fit in with your existing commitments.
  2. Organising your study – how to learn effectively in short, sharp bursts by using spaced practice. Spaced practice is a study technique which involves reviewing learned information at regular intervals in order to improve your memory and understanding of the material.
  3. Maintaining your focus – how to recognise factors which may distract you from your studies and employ effective strategies to help you overcome these challenges.

As you progress through this topic, take time to reflect and consider the techniques you will use to organise your time. 

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