Why collaboration is an essential skill for online learning


collaborate iconIn this topic you will learn about the importance of collaboration and the benefits of collaborating effectively in the context of an online learning environment. 

Source: Pexels (Pexels License)

Effective collaboration is an essential part of everyday activity, in the workplace and in the classroom. Collaborative learning is no less important if that ‘classroom’ happens to be online. 

You will explore some of the challenges online learners face and explore strategies which will help you to overcome these.

Activity: Your experience of projects

Think about a project on which you have collaborated. This might be an educational project, something at work or with friends and family. 

  • How did you provide support and how were you supported by others?
  • What were the benefits of working with others? 
  • What did you learn? 
  • What might you do differently? 

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