Organise IconConsider how spaced practice could work for you and plan learning activities to suit your schedule.

Activity: Incorporating spaced practice

Think back to the “Plan your timetable” activity which you completed earlier. Now consider the following questions;

  1. How might you incorporate spaced practice into your schedule?
  2. What activities might you use each time you review information from previous study sessions? How will you know whether the techniques are working, and whether you are learning well?

Follow up actions

Once you have a clearer idea about the content and schedule of your online course, refer back to the timetable you made in the ‘Getting prepared’ activity earlier. Use this as a basis to start planning your spaced practice and learning activities to help review content. If you decide to use different activities at each stage of the review process use symbols to represent the type of activity you will use within each block of study time.

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