Review and reflect


You have focused on communicating clearly with your tutor and with others in order to make the most of your online learning. 

Your writing is your voice and you need to ensure that you think about:

  • your role (and how you are heard) in each learning situation.
  • your audience and how they determine the way you communicate (for example, formally or informally).
  • the best format for your communications (and whether they need to be ‘one to one’, or ‘one to many’).
  • how you can present your topic clearly (what it is exactly that you want to say).

We have focussed on the various ways in which you can apply RAFT as a communication tool and a writing strategy to guide you in your written interactions. You have worked through a series of activities designed to help you to put the RAFT concept into practice and you have considered the need to develop a critical response to your subject in order to demonstrate your understanding and get the marks you need

Activity: How might RAFT be useful to you?

Fill in the printable template to show why RAFT is useful for your online learning and your assessed work. Remember: when writing for assessment you need to communicate what you know and show evidence of critical thinking.

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