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Unlock your potential

Updated Friday, 23 June 2023

With this collaboration between OpenLearn and South Lanarkshire Council, you can learn for free – with no subscription, or impact on your benefits.  

This content is associated with The Open University's Open degree qualification.                          

Working with South Lanarkshire Council, we are excited and proud to offer you over 1,000 free courses on OpenLearn and OpenLearn Create. Whether your interest lies in health, education, sport or science, or you want to work on skills for work and life, we are certain you will find something that works for you. People in your area have trained as Open Learning Champions and are able to help you find the right course, learn in a way and at a pace that suits you and help you smash your goals, whatever they are. This is being delivered as part of a series of activities as shown below.

A flow chart showing how to study with OpenLearn and what you can achieve.

The video below tells you a little bit more about what OpenLearn has to offer you.

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Key information

Psychology, Social Science and Wellbeing Access Course - An introduction to studying with The Open University

The Learning Zone at Number 18, 18 Farmeloan Road, Rutherglen, G73 1DL.

Dates available
Tuesday 18 July 2023, 10:00am to 12:00pm.
Tuesday 1 August 2023, 7:00pm to 8:30pm 

Are you keen to refresh your learning skills and build your self-confidence? Have you wondered what it's like to be an OU student? Whatever your circumstances, an Access module is a great first step in your student journey with us. An Access module can help you to find out more about your interests and where you want your learning to take you. 

Drop in any time for this informal session run by The Open University Access team. 

Are you unable attend, but interested in finding out more? Visit the OU's courses and qualifications.

What is OpenLearn and OpenLearn Create?

OpenLearn and OpenLearn Create are collections of free online learning courses open to all with a passion to learn. There are short videos, interactive quizzes, articles and courses ranging from 1 hour to 50 hours. You can learn at your own pace – there are no deadlines. 

Do I need online access?

All courses are offered online, but most courses also come with alternative formats that can be printed and worked on offline. Your Open Learning Champions will be able to help you access the course in the right way for you. You can use any web browser on PC/Mac or mobile devices such as Tablets and mobile phones. 

Do I need an account?

You don’t have to have an account to access OpenLearn or OpenLearn Create but you will get the most out of learning if you do – creating an account will give you access to all activities and allow you to track progress. Lots of courses offer digital badges and almost all OpenLearn courses enable you to earn a Statement of Participation – to show others what you have successfully learned. 

Is it for me?

OpenLearn and OpenLearn Create can be for everyone. You can:

  • start at a level and length of course that is right for you
  • take as much time as you need
  • ask for help either working with your Open Learning Champions or by coming to one of the tasters.

You might just surprise yourself!

What is the Access course all about?

We are working with South Lanarkshire College to offer our newest Access course Psychology, Social Science & Wellbeing with in-person support from an Open University tutor. We are hoping that some of you will want to be part of the first group to take this course. It is written with brand new learners in mind and helps you develop core study skills. There is lots of support, and most people will be able to study for free. We will have information and taster sessions on the Access course so watch this space.

We’re providing a selection of free training courses to enhance your career prospects and opportunities. You can do these short courses at any time and at your own pace. These courses are designed to help you gain new skills and boost your CV. You can gain a digital badge or certificate for completing them.

Sections below

In the sections below we have put together links to a range of free courses that we think might be of interest as well as ways to search all courses open to you. These are your resources, to use however you like!

Logos associated with the unlock your potential project.

Short activities, articles and videos

Short courses – level 0

Longer courses – level 0


Short courses – level 1

Longer courses – level 1

Further learning resources

Latest on OpenLearn 

OpenLearning Champions - supporting learners resources

In this section you will find a link to the online module and champions forum. Please note you will need an enrolment key to access these and an OpenLearn account to enrol on the module and forum. If you don’t have a note of this please email The module will also have downloads of the workshop PowerPoint and PDF Workbook. You will also find downloadable copies of additional resources below:

Quick video guides

How to sign-up for a free OpenLearn account and the benefits of it

Transcript (PDF document60.2 KB) .

Where to find my in progress courses

Transcript (PDF document55.9 KB) .

What is a digital badge?

Transcript (PDF document57.8 KB) .

Where to find badged courses

Transcript (PDF document19.5 KB) .

Where to find my statement of participation and badges

Transcript (PDF document59.1 KB) .

How to share my digital badge on LinkedIn

Transcript (PDF document58.6 KB) .


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