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Author: George Curry

Music, theatre and literature

Updated Monday, 24 July 2023

YXM130 Example subject pathway created by George Curry, former YXM130 Module Chair.

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I’m a former Module Chair for YXM130 and I love that this module lets you experiment with different subjects and build a really informed understanding of what it is that interests you. If I was to study this module, I would be interested in studying courses that would help to expand my knowledge of music, theatre and literature. This is because I am a musician and singing teacher, I enjoy the theatre, both as an audience member and actor, I have a keen interest in how the arts interact with society and enjoy analysing works of fiction.

I would consider studying the OpenLearn courses below to help me discover and understand more about the following:

  • Areas of music I am less familiar with and exploring how to be a better teacher.
  • I am familiar with Shakespeare but don’t know As you like it so am enthusiastic to learn more!
  • How the arts interact with society at large.
  • How to improve my skills in analysing works of fiction.
  • Moving from appreciating literature to perhaps creating some and so I would like to learn about how to write fiction.

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