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Free course

Teachers sharing resources online

Free statement of participation on completion
Teachers sharing resources online

This free course, Teachers sharing resources online, is designed to help you learn about how learning resources can be shared using online repositories, i.e. websites that allow for the uploading of electronic materials that can then be used and adapted by others. One of the leading examples of such websites is TES Connect. While the course draws its examples and activities from this site its principles are designed so that they may be applied to others.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the benefits of resource sharing to creators (teachers), their institutions, their pupils and to those who use the resources
  • evaluate a range of resource sharing sites for suitability to a personal context
  • select and evaluate shared resources for use in this context
  • create a learning resource for sharing with others
  • select a site for uploading and upload the resource.

First Published: 01/10/2013

Updated: 13/11/2019

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