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The Environment

Updated Monday, 24 July 2023

YXM130 Example subject pathway created by Sarah McKernan, Tutor Support Manager.

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I’m a Tutor Support Manager working on YXM130 and I really like the multidisciplinary opportunities that the module offers. If I was to study this module, I would be interested in studying courses about the environment, because it is a challenging subject which can be seen from a number of different points of view and it’s such an important issue.

I would begin my study with an introduction to OU study, which I’d hope would help me quickly get to grips with the things I need to know. I would also find out more about multidisciplinary study to help me make the most of studying in this way.

Most of the courses I would choose are at the introductory level due to my lack of experience in the subject area, but I would also select some intermediate study towards the end of my studies so that I could get a feel for that level of study.

I would consider studying  the OpenLearn courses below to give me an insight into:

  • Understanding issues relating to the environment
  • An introduction to biology and the science relating to environmental studies
  • Global factors affecting the environment

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