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Hybrid working: change management

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Hybrid working: change management

Change is one of the constants in life, especially for organisations who need to adapt and evolve to ensure they meet the needs of their end users, stakeholders and staff to ensure they thrive and succeed. The COVID-19 pandemic forced accelerated change throughout the world, which could not be planned for, and rapid change programmes where implemented.

As we adapt to hybrid ways of working and expectations, organisations are drawing on their experience to start to consider how to manage change now and for the future. This course focuses on how to approach a change initiative you want to implement, introducing you to frameworks and tools you can draw on to manage change and build resilience to change within your organisation.

This course is part of the Supporting hybrid working and digital transformation collection, made possible by the Higher Educational Funding Council for Wales.

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Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • describe what is meant by 'change' and what can be a catalyst for change
  • explain what change management is, and what processes and tools are needed to implement and sustain change
  • identify how to lead change and the impact that change can have on people and organisations
  • explore different frameworks and structures for change, and examine how they can be used by organisations driving change around hybrid working
  • manage the change lifecycle to enable change to be adopted and embedded within organisations.

First Published: 16/12/2022

Updated: 16/12/2022

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