PDP: Support Staff Programme Step 2

Step 2

This Step introduces you to fundamental principles of learning design. It also introduces you to materials that are known as Open Educational Resources (OERs) and how to identify this type of resource. You will also think about what you need to consider when selecting OERs.

During this Step you will also spend time updating your profile on OpenLearn Create and learn how to resize an image.

Tasks for this Step

  • Watch the narrated PowerPoint on learning design.
  • Watch the webinar Finding and evaluating OERs (1 hour)
  • Next watch the webinar Open Licenses (1 hour).
  • Review your OpenLearn Create profile. Add a picture and more detail about yourself.
  • Test your understanding of the material covered so far by taking the Step 2 Quiz.

Resources for this Step

Learning design narrated PowerPoint [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]

Tip: to hear the narration, view the PowerPoint in Slideshow mode.

Finding and Evaluating OERs webinar (1 hour)

Open Licences webinar (1 hour)

Once you have completed the tasks for this Step you may take the Step 2 Quiz. You will need to attempt the quiz in order to progress Step 3.

If you have completed the content above, and have time, you may look at these additional resources.