PDP: Support Staff Programme Step 3

Step 3

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In this Step we move from the learner perspective to the creator perspective. We start by looking at what you need to consider when designing and setting up a course on OpenLearn Create. What does a typical course comprise?

We also look at some more learning design skills and what we need to consider when using OER in a course.

Tasks for this Step

  • Browse the OpenLearn Create Course Builder Guide (Myanmar language). Read the first section Planning your Open Course.
  • Think about the structure of a course. You might want to reflect on the course you participated in during Step 1. What should a course include? Write down, in order, what a course might comprise.
  • Review the narrated PowerPoint slides for Session 2 Putting the Teacher in the Text
  • Read 10 steps to creating a new course from OERs
  • Test your understanding of the material covered so far by taking the Step 3 Quiz.

Resources for this Step

OpenLearn Create Course Builder Guide [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   (Myanmar language)

Getting Started on OpenLearn Create (English language)

Narrated PowerPoint Putting the teacher in the text.

Tip: to hear the narration, view the PowerPoint in Slideshow mode.

10 Steps to Creating a New Course from OERs

Once you have completed the tasks for this Step you may take the Step 3 Quiz. You will need to attempt the quiz in order to progress to Step 4.

If you have completed the content above, and have time, you may look at these additional resources.