PDP: Support Staff Programme Step 1

Step 1

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This Step introduces you to a Moodle based learning platform: OpenLearn Create. OpenLearn Create is a platform that anyone can use to create online courses.

In this Step you will have the opportunity to experience using OpenLearn from a learner perspective by participating in a course of your choosing. OpenLearn is a sister platform to OpenLearn Create and hosts learning from The Open University (UK). You may also find that the course has a different approach to learning and teaching than you have encountered before.

Tasks for this Step

  • Watch the webinar Welcome and briefing
  • Next watch the webinar How to log in to OpenLearn and OpenLearn Create (25 mins) Follow along and create an account for OpenLearn Create, if you do not already have one.
  • Review the learning outcomes and content of the four courses listed (Myanmar language versions are available). Choose one of the courses and work your way through it. As you do so use the guidance sheet to help you note different features of the course.
  • Test your understanding of the material covered so far by taking the Step 1 Quiz.

Resources for this Step


Get started with online learning [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] (Myanmar version) (6 hours study)

Am I ready to study in English? (Myanmar version) (5 hours study)

Am I ready to be a distance learner? (Myanmar version) (3 hours study)

Digital skills, digital learning (Myanmar version) (Week 2 only, 3 hours study)

Please note that the Digital skills, digital learning is 12 hours total. If you would like to study material beyond Week 2, please treat this as additional resources.

Guidance note on features of the for Group A courses..

Once you have completed the tasks for this Step you may take the Step 1 Quiz. You will need to attempt the quiz in order to progress to Step 2.

If you have completed the content above, and have time, you may look at these additional resources.

Additional resources