Create, Open and Duplicate Projects

Learn all the ins and outs of creating or opening projects, as well as how to back them up or copy them.

5. How to Create a New Project in Final Cut Pro

Just opened Final Cut Pro for the first time and you’re not sure where to begin? In this bite sized video tutorial, we’ll lead you through the first step to greatness – creating your project!

6. How to Open a Project in Final Cut Pro

Not sure how to open a project in Final Cut Pro? We’ve got the answer for you! In this video tutorial, we’ll teach you how to locate and open a project you’ve created.

7. In Depth Look at the Project Settings in Final Cut Pro

Project Settings can look like a whole different language to a new Final Cut Pro user. In this video tutorial, we’ll take a look at how you can match them to your first clip or select the perfect settings for your video, and how to modify them at any time during editing. Then, we’ll explain how the different settings you choose will affect your project.

8. How to Back Up Your Projects in Final Cut Pro

Even though Final Cut Pro saves our progress automatically, we may want to create backups of earlier versions of our projects. In this video tutorial, we'll go over how to locate and open generated backups.

9. How Do I Save My Project in Final Cut Pro?

Saving is a necessary part of any creator’s workflow. So how do we do it in Final Cut Pro? In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how it works!

10. How to Duplicate Your Project in Final Cut Pro

While you’re working on your Final Cut Pro project, maybe you want to try something different – maybe rearrange the layout or use different effects. Instead of testing these out on your project, make a duplicate instead! In this video tutorial, we’ll go over how to duplicate your project and what to look out for.

Last modified: Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022, 19:51