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Updated Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Your technical expertise and analytical precision could propel a cutting-edge digital career. You'll find a variety of relevant training resources as well as first-hand experiences of programmers and web developers on this page.

Find out more about The Open University's Computing and IT courses and qualifications.

Computing use

Computer literacy is essential for the working world, there are a range of free to access courses below which explore some essential aspects of IT. 


Digital life

Our lives are increasingly digital, knowing how to best utilise this at work is becoming more and more important. The free courses below explore some ways in which you can take advantage of these skills.


Creative suites and software

In extension to computing use, an understanding of software development – no matter your area of work – will enable you to review working systems critically and effectively. The range of free courses below give you some grounding knowledge in these areas.     

Development and coding

Computing code is the building blocks of software systems and websites. There is an increasing demand for workers skilled in this area to design and develop software systems. The free courses below look at some of these finer skills.  



Websites have become essential for a successful modern business. The links below provide some useful advice and guidance on using websites effectively.

Finance and business

Many elements of business, finance and marketing are conducted online. These free courses offer an insight into the different elements of these processes.  

Artificial intelligence

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) make this area increasingly pertinent to our working world. The links below explore some debates and questions surrounding the topic. 


Understanding how to protect yourself and your systems online is an important part of working in a digital world. The links below provide you with some useful advice and tips.   

Social media

Social media can be a big part of your personal and professional lives. The resources below can help you utilise it effectively. 


Capturing unique, professional images for your business or work is a useful skill to hone. The links below give you some practical and theoretical insights into this art.


Clear and professional video content is just as important for your business as images. The links below explore some of the reasons why this is alongside some of the finer skills you can start to develop.  

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality offer great benefits for business and training purposes. The articles below offer some insights into how to utilise this area. 




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