PDP: Academic Programme Step 7

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Online learning design strand: Sharing your course

Tasks for this Step

  • Share your Study Guide with TIDE colleagues in the Study Guide Folder. Then look at two courses created by colleagues to understand how others have engaged with the same task.
  • Watch the webinar Open Access Repositories for distance education in Myanmar to learn how you can go forward with OERs.
  • Reinforce and assess your understanding so far by taking the Step 7 Quiz.

Resources for this Step

Webinar: Open Access Repositories for distance education in Myanmar [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] (1 hour)

APP strand: Action Planning for Professional development

Tasks for this step

  • Review your TIDE learning and your teaching diary entries. Then develop an action plan for your own professional practice and how you can support the professional learning of your colleagues.
  • Develop your Personal action plan.

Once you have completed the tasks for this Step you may take the Step 7 Quiz. You will need to attempt this quiz and have passed at least 6 quizzes, in order to complete the programme.

If you have completed the content above, and have time, you may look at these additional resources.

Additional resources - Academic Professional Practice