IMTA in Turkey

IMTA in Turkey

The IMPAQT pilot at Çamli has been set up within the boundaries of the offshore production sites of a commercial, industrial scale enterprise which mainly produces seabream, seabass and meagre.

The pilot has been designed to carry out an integrated aquaculture production for seabass, blue mussel and sea lettuce. Key to the development of such an offshore IMTA system is the identification and analysis of the environmental, economic and operational costs and benefits in order to be able to compare the IMTA to a traditional mono-culture offshore system.

Underwater pictures of species grown Fish pens at site

The comparative results of such investigations will enable to assess the actual feasibility for an IMTA system for the future development of offshore aquaculture.

The Çamlı Pilot Site is located in the Çeşme Bay along the eastern coast of Aegean Sea in Turkey.

Location of site

The pilot has been designed as a trio-trophic system comprising macro algae lines, mussel rafts, and fish cages at unit commercial production unit. Three buoys equipped with a set of sensors around the system enabling continuous measurement of a set of environmental variables such as temperature, salinity, DO, chlorophyll, turbidity, etc.) provides observational data via the IMPAQT platform. The data on the farm husbandry operations such as feeding, mortality, grading, stoking density, disease treatment, etc. are been entered by user so that to inform the intelligent management system.

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