Freshwater IMTA

Freshwater IMTA

At the IMPAQT pilot site, Keywater Fisheries, in Ireland they produce Perch for the table in environmentally friendly and sustainable pond rearing systems, where good water quality is maintained by plants and algae that naturally grow on their farm. The farm is on a 1.5-hectare site and comprises of a hatchery, nursery, brood stock unit and outdoor spilt-ponds.

Keywater promote and support the eco-intensification of aquaculture with their innovation RAMPS system. The split-pond technology at Keywater is a novel approach to freshwater aquaculture and has potential to improve water treatment (sediment and nutrient removal) within a recirculation system.

The site demonstrates the benefits of this bio-mitigation aspect of IMTA and also the advantages of IMTA in maximising the production from a pond and optimising the use of areas by utilising multiple species. The novel split-pond culture technique, used at the Keywater site, has the potential to open up greater areas of marginalised land to freshwater pond culture.

Check out this video for details of their system and methods, produced by BIM- the Irish Seafood development agency. player: BIMramps%20system.mp4

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A comprehensive guide to producing juvenile Perch can be found here:

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