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Hybrid working and digital transformation toolkit

Free online courses and other resources to help you thrive in an ever-changing digital hybrid world.

This toolkit offers holistic, human-centred approaches for organisations making the shift to sustainable hybrid working and digital futures.

You’ll learn about a range of topics in the collection, including:

  • Digital skills and leadership
  • Digital transformation and building a data-driven culture
  • Sustainability
  • Planning for the future, managing uncertainty and building resilience
  • Hybrid employee experience and culture
  • Collaborative communication and building trust
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Physical and digital wellbeing
  • Change management

You'll also hear contributors from higher education institutions, public bodies, businesses, and other organisations share their journeys towards new ways of working, alongside expert voices in sustainability and futures planning.

Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg. | Also available in Welsh.

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Articles and activities

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The collection hears from those in higher education institutions (HEIs), public bodies and organisations, who share their journeys towards new ways of working, as well as featuring experts in sustainability and futures planning, and individuals who share their experiences of adapting to hybrid working, and the impact of this on their personal lives.  

To help develop your own thinking, the skills you might need to develop and the role you play in supporting individuals, teams and your organisation through hybrid working and digital transformation, use the ‘Hybrid ways of working: a contextual sustainability framework’ illustration below, which was designed specifically for this collection. As many organisations and HEIs continue to evolve their hybrid practice, how you work and plan for the long term is essential. You need to balance the needs of your stakeholders and organisation while embracing and adapting to external factors, to successfully meet strategic objectives.

Circular diagram showing the key aspects of hybrid working and digital transformation, and how they relate to you.

In order to do this mindfully and successfully: 

  1. You and your ways of working should take account of the key stakeholders within your environment and their needs in relation to organisational development.   
  2. You need to understand organisational requirements, the context, connections, and requirements for key areas of focus and how these relate to the needs of your stakeholders.   
  3. You need to consider your ways of working for the wellbeing of future generations.  

The collection focus on organisational development, leadership, wellbeing and inclusion, skills for digital transformation, hybrid communication and collaboration, futures planning and change management. It also provides guidance for those entering or returning to work, and asks HEIs to consider the role they can play to protect future generations. 

As we continue to plan and adapt to change, and to consider the part we can all play in achieving sustainable working practices, this collection provides the opportunity to reflect on and remember the journeys we have been on, and to learn from these to develop ways of working that enable us to thrive in the future. 

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